Welcome to LAMBATS AUTO, your friendly local VOLKSWAGEN Auto Electrician.

Lambats Auto and Air Conditioning follow the vehicle manufacturers recommendations and use only R134a as the replacement refrigerant for the older R12 refrigerant. Late model vehicles need special attention with regularly servicing a must, contact us NOW for your next Air Conditioning Service or just find out more.

The dealer technicians and the fleet mechanics know where to send those tricky jobs to get our specialist technicians. We can service and repair an existing system and have it operate like new.

Beware of cheap shortcuts of the blend refrigerant pushers. As blend refrigerants are not recommended by anyone other than the refrigerant manufacturer & the sales person. All new cars are R134a worldwide; due to its non-flammable ozone friendly properties and millions of hours of in-service testing in all climates.

The comfort of drivers and operators is paramount to increase work place and road safety. If you have and air conditioning question or your climate control is not quite as efficient as it used to be call us today.


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